We chose to engage Property Development Projects,[PDP] as we needed to start building in Cape Town one year before we would be arriving.  From the day Pete picked us up at the airport to look at available land we knew that we had made the right choice. We immediately felt that Pete was on our side of the table even as we started working with the real estate agents to select the best land available.  Once we selected the perfect plot, Pete guided us through each stage we would need to navigate.

After considering three architects who Pete recommended, we began working very closely with Paolo Deliperi to design the right house for our multi-generational family.  And simultaneously we worked with Pete to ensure that we were designing the right house at the right price.  In the first year I rarely had to return to South Africa because Pete and Paolo took care of everything.  We were in constant communication via the Internet and the process was very rewarding.  Pete took care of the lawyers, geo-tech and QS while Paolo dealt with engineers, council and neighbours.

By the time that council had approved our building application we were living just down the road from the proposed development.  Pete managed the tenders to select a builder and various allied contractors. Even when the build was fully underway, I was only needed onsite once or twice each month. [PDP] consolidated all of the progress and financial reporting and provided me with an update every month.

Right up until the last three months of the build we were on budget and on time – a rare thing in big residential builds.  [PDP’s] ability to keep the builder focused and the quality high is a testimony to their considerable experience in this industry. Unfortunately the builder declared bankruptcy just a few months before completion, which obviously compromised our project in a huge way.  It was in this moment of extreme stress that [PDP] really proved their extraordinary value.  Pete provided invaluable advice, council and assistance in such a way that allowed us (with [PDP’s] extensive support) to continue the build uninterrupted.  

Working together, Pete and I met with the builder’s liquidator, negotiated for the build to continue while we reached a settlement, and then re-engaged about 25 contractors directly.  Although the next three months were the most stressful that I have enjoyed, with [PDP’s] continuing support, we managed to move into our new home just one month later than we had projected two years earlier.  We have now been in our new home for five months and we could not be more happy.

I understand that of the 7 constructions that were compromised by our builders bankruptcy, as of writing this, we are the only project that is now completed successfully.  The simple reason for this is that we had engaged [PDP] from the beginning.  I would never consider undertaking a serious building project without my own project manager.  And if that build is in Cape Town then the only project management company I would use is [PDP].

Posted By: Paul McConnell

I really want to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to work on and complete House McConnell.

For us as a business that has been going 25 years, it has certainly been our landscaping highlight.

It was a very challenging and rewarding job but made very pleasurable by working alongside you. The way you conducted the entire building project was an incredible example in efficiency.

Problems that arose were dealt with quickly and all payments were made incredibly quickly.

It was a real pleasure to work on your site and there are many others that can take a leaf out of your book. I look forward to the possibility of working with you in future projects.

Wishing you all the very best and once again a huge thanks.

Posted By: Alan Dawson

“It is a daunting prospect building a house. It is a particularly daunting prospect building a house 10,000 miles from home.

  • Whether you are building 10 miles from home, or 10,000 miles from home, who can you trust to deliver a project on time and on budget from start to finish?
  • How can you ensure that your interests are protected and covered?
  • Who will provide careful focused financial management of your project?
  • Who will provide monthly transparent cash flow cost programmes where it is immediately apparent what sum has been awarded to whom, down to the last rand?
  • Finally, who will meet the stringent demands you have for detail?

These were some of the key and important questions we had to address having bought a plot of land in Franschhoek.

The answer to these five key and important questions was surprisingly straightforward. Pete Jordan and his firm Property Development Projects.

As a family, we have been involved in many significant building and construction projects. We have no hesitation in saying that Pete Jordan is the single most impressive residential construction project manager we have ever worked with.

  • He and his team delivered the construction of a 2500 square metre complicated cantilevered house that had a budget in excess of 30 million Rand safely, on time, on budget and without any substantive issues arising. That is no mean feat.
  • Trustworthy, honest, hardworking, detail orientated, knowledgeable on his topic, business minded, organised. These are some of the assets a residential construction project manager should have. Many have some. Pete has them all.
  • His monthly fee may seem, to some, to be a cost they can save by adopting a more traditional procurement route with the architect acting as project manager. I would urge such people not to fall into that trap. Architects are not project managers nor are Quantity Surveyors. His involvement in the management and delivery of your project will possibly be the single most important cost decision you decide to incur as part of your determined drive to deliver your project on time, on budget and to the standard you require.”

Posted By: Roderick Priestley

“I undertook a major renovations to modernise my house in Constantia in 2009. After having met with a number of builders and feeling very much out of my comfort zone (and price bracket) I met with Pete Jordan from Property Development Projects. As an accountant I immediately liked the transparency of his model and the methodology adopted. I was also very pleased to deal with somebody who clearly would be representing me, had a personal interest in saving me money and had a depth of experience in the industry. Even more pleasing was the fact that the final all-in quote came in at 90% of the price of my previous lowest quote at the same spec.

Through the process I enjoyed the following advantage of being a P-D-P client:

  • Weekly site meetings with Pete fighting in my corner when there where problems;
  • A Professional review of the building plans and early identification of practical problems;
  • Early warning system on additional costs or budget departures;
  • Solid and organised detailed accounting for the project;
  • Through the above I have a file which would fully justify any SARS query on Capital Gains Tax if I sold the house.

But for me and my wife, neither of whom enjoy conflict, the greatest advantage was being removed one step away from such conflict. This never more evident than in the fact that by the time we got involved in the snag list the list had been reduced to only a couple of items and we had no major lingering snag problems.”

Posted By: Dave Rich

“We used P-D-P to project manage the demolition and reconstruction of a new residence of approximately 800 m2 in Bishops court in 2010.

The project management model proposed by P-D-P suited us as, being involved in construction ourselves, we wanted to tightly control costs on all aspects of the project. With P-D-P we achieved this, and the project was brought in at an extremely competitive final cost.

We found P-D-P and more specifically Pete Jordan very pleasant to work with, even in the face of some severe difficulties experienced with some of the selected contractors. P-D-P has remained in attendance with minor snags and defects to be attended to for some three years after completion. We wish P-D-P great success going forward.”

Posted By: Peter Hund

“Organised, efficient – delivers!”

Posted By: Iain Banner

“Just thought I’d mention, as credit must be given were it is due. Of all the houses I have been involved with over the past 17 years, this one certainly rates right up there as one of the best. The house really looks exceptional, inside and out.”

Posted By: Flippe Brandt

“I am a foreign owner of a property on Steenberg Golf Estate which I wanted to completely refurbish. P-D-P have carried out the 18 month long project to my complete satisfaction. During that time I have found the team to be trustworthy, professional and cost effective. If you are looking to build or renovate a property I strongly recommend that you sit down and talk to P-D-P.”

Posted By: Luca Vialli

“As you know I have been involved with the Master Builders for many, many years. Dougie served on the Executive Committee for about 40 years so my knowledge about various building matters is quite extensive. I just want to congratulate you and your builder, Adrian, and his team, on the running of the building site. I have been most impressed by the compliance with all the safety issues, the general neatness of the site, the politeness of the workers and the general consideration for us as neighbours regarding noise etc. Please convey my sentiments and my thanks to Adrian & his team. Thank you , Peter, as the Project Manager, you have done a great job!”

Posted By: Joan Newton