Good day

I trust that you have survived 2020 intact and hope that 2021 proves to be a more rewarding year for us all.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of two new services I plan to launch this year.

As you probably know, I have been operating as a construction project manager in the residential market for the last 17 years focused mainly on high-end clients in and around Cape Town. My project management offering is still very much in place and we are actively looking for projects at this time. A full understanding of this offering can be found on my web site at

I am excited to announce two new offerings that I am adding to my portfolio.

The first is a project team selection service. The aim of this service is to support clients who need to select an architect as well as the rest of the professional team such as engineers, quantity surveyors and landscape designers etc. To then assist in getting the design completed and generate a project cost and tender process and thereafter and appoint the appropriate contractor, that is not only cost effective with excellent quality but also a good match for the client. This would enable the client to deal with the contractor once appointed and run the project without the need for a project manager. I would also plan a site visit with the client once a month to keep the project on track.

The second service I am launching is project delivery snagging service. The end of a project is a very demanding and stressful time but a time where the client needs to stand strong and demand the quality finish devoid of any defects. This is what they have paid for and should achieve but it’s a tiring and frustrating process for the client. My aim is to offer an independent set of eyes to enter the project two months before practical completion, to evaluate the work and to generate a defects list. I would manage the contractors to attend to all defects on the list and ensure every item is attended to thereby aligning practical completion with a fully snagged and completed project.

Please can you bear the above in mind as and when you may have the opportunity to recommend my business to your network of friends that may have recently bought a house and do not know where to start or are concerned about the snagging process at the end.

Many thanks and kind regards


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Just thought I’d mention, as credit must be given were it is due. Of all the houses I have been involved with over the past 17 years, this one certainly rates right up there as one of the best. The house really looks exceptional, inside and out. Flippe Brandt